We cater to corporate meetings & parties, promotional events, parties of all kinds, non-profit fundraisers, wedding receptions, birthday gatherings, sporting events and more!


Details about our event space area:

  • Multiple floor plans to accommodate any large party up to 100+

  • 2 rows of 10 wall mounted HD TV's and 4 additional HD TV's around the room

  • 1 shuffleboard table that can be converted into a buffet table

  • 2 projectors with 2 white backdrop screens

  • WiFi capable projector for presentations & slideshows

  • Sound system with 2 large speakers, sound board & microphone, and stage

  • Catering menu available upon request

Upon submitting your event request please include the following: the date and day of the week, time frame, how may people attending, special requests, and the type of event your wanting to host.

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